(A rendezvous with stylist Neha Panda)

It seems almost like yesterday when we kick-started our brand… starry-eyed, with a dream to bring the best of Brit fashion to all you wonderful ladies out there, to give each of you what you deserve…nothing less than the best.

It was a wonderful launch, you welcomed us with arms wide open and our journey at Miss Chase has been nothing short of a fairy-tale since then.

We remember our little tete-a-tetes; our style-diaries where we carefully picked out the best style advice for you and in turn you bared your hearts to us about what you desire and what works for you!

Well….long story short… we miss those days! Don’t you?

And that’s the reason we decided to bring back our heart-to-heart sessions!

Ladies, we have a surprise for you!

We are always on the lookout for the newest trends in the big world of fashion. So when we spotted a very familiar face in a certain new ad campaign from Myntra, we knew we just had to get her to talk to us somehow!

Still from the advert “The Visit”

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Wrap It Up Nice: Our Multi-Way Shrug Tutorial


We at Miss Chase are delighted with the response we’ve been getting for our stunning launch collection. We’ve been super busy! One of our best sellers is the Magic Multi-Way Shrug and why not if you can style it in 21 different ways!

We know all you fashionistas will figure out how to style this shrug your way, but we couldn’t resist showing off some of our versions of styling this fabulous lightweight shrug. ;)

Midnight Black Multi-Way Shrug

Midnight Black Multi-Way Shrug

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